Trying to Avoid a Long, Stressful Court Battle?

Arrange for personal injury mediation services in Tyler, TX

Taking a case to trial requires a lot of time and money. But you can work toward a mutual understanding and settlement by using mediation. Rose City Mediation Service provides contract and personal injury mediation services in Tyler, TX.

Our mediator will remain neutral while facilitating a dialogue between you and the other party. He will listen to both sides and do his own research to help provide suggestions for resolving the conflict. You'll be better prepared to reach a compromise that satisfies both parties so you can move forward without the stress of a court battle.

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How mediation can help

How mediation can help

When you’ve been wronged, it’s easy to think your only solution is in court. But mediation is an alternative that can make more sense for your situation. Consider mediation because:

  • A settlement will let you avoid the risk of losing your case outright
  • You can help salvage any existing relationship with the other party
  • Mediation can provide creative solutions that are more likely to satisfy both parties

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